Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A girl, a sewing machine, and an hour to spare.

So what is a girl to do with an hour on her hands, a sewing machine, and an old shirt that her husband is getting rid of??  Well, I will tell you.  You make a cute pencil skirt out of it!  That's what!

I found this really awesome tutorial and thought to myslef, "Self- you need to stop being afraid of your sewing machine.  You need to stop being afraid of messing up and failing.  You need to just get down and dirty and start a fun project and see where it takes you!"  So here it goes:

Harrison's shirt that was in the donation bag

I chose this shirt mainly for the pockets.  The pockets were the coolest part of the shirt.

And viola.  This is the finished product.  A very awesome pencil skirt!  I really am in  love with it.   

I learned a couple of lessons though.  The biggest was seam allowance.  One of the lessons of a beggining sewer I suppose.  I used one of my favorite pencil skirts as the pattern and I didn't even THINK about making it a little bigger to "allow for seams"... so when it was all said and done... the skirt was too small.  It doesn't fit around my large and in charge buttox.  Oh well- I know for next time.  I am going to send the skirt in the mail to my skinny sister though :)

Well folks- find an old mens shirt and give it a new life! 

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Robyn said...

Well at least your not out any money for the skirt :)