Thursday, August 4, 2011

Search for the missing song

So I decided to switch my songs from Myspace (yeah, it's still around) to Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a much better set up and seems a lot better. But anyway I started looking for the three songs I had recorded on my computer recently and I was only able to find two of them. Which is troubling because you may remember this post where Jaala is laying down her vocals, and it is clearly on my laptop.
 But for some reason that file is nowhere to be found. It seems to have vanished into thin air. And of course Myspace is so esoteric that there is no clear way to download it from their site.

At any rate, things are going well in the therapy/grad school world. I had a meeting with a fellow student this evening for a project we have teamed up on and we were able to talk about some troubling things about our lives as well as come up with some pretty awesome sounding ideas for our project. All in all, even though we stayed an extra 3 hours at school it was fun.


Steph said...

WHAT!! I had no idea you guys recorded songs! I must hear them. Must, must, must. So find the one that Jaala did too.

PS--I think you're an awesome therapist.

Harrison said...

aww thanks! You can hear the songs on myspace for now. the link is:

the song Jaala sings on is "4th of July"