Thursday, February 25, 2010

A most humbling experience

Well, this last week Harrison asked if I would record a verse on one of the new songs he was mixing. I jumped at the chance. You see... I have, in the past, been hesitant, to record with Harrison (it made me so nervous), but I decided to do it.

This is a photo of me recording
I thought the whole process of laying down one track (one verse) would take all of 15 minutes... but I was very much mistaken. I found out the other night that I do NOT have perfect pitch and I sing VERY much out of tune... which was very clear when we listened to the 10 and 15 different recordings of me TRYING to get the thing right. I was AWFUL.

Harrison warned me. He told me that if I was going to be receptive to criticism than I could go ahead and record. I would have to say I did very well with the (this is not a joke) 2 and a half hours of re-recording and tips and do-overs and blah blah blah.

I thought before all of this, that I had a pretty good voice and pretty good pitch. Well folks, I was wrong. I was really bad. So, after almost 3 hours of recording MY ONE VERSE we finally got it. FINALLY.

After some editing and some tricks Harrison had up his sleeve, my portion actually sounded alright. As soon as the song is finished I will post it for all to hear.

I have much more respect for recording artists who spend DAYS and WEEKS in the recording studio working on albums. It is no small feat. Not small at all.

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Susiebelle said...

You have more guts than I, but we knew that already! Can't wait to hear it!