Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's been a while since I have done this. So, there should be a whole slew of things to be thankful for, right?

My New iPhone
Oh yes, I am LOVING it. It is amazing. It does everything that I could ever hope for. I would recommend this phone to EVERYONE!!!!!

My Family
My parents and youngest brothers are coming to visit this weekend. Happy day! It makes me so happy when they visit. I tend to miss my little brothers a lot. So its always a good thing when I am able to go and see them or when they are able to come and see us.

My Co-Worker Hector
Hector is a student who is studying English as a second language here at BYU. He has been here in the US for only 5 months. He is from Mexico. I work with him at BYU every week night as a janitor. I help Hector with his English (his English is pretty dang good for only being here 5 months) and he tells me all about Mexico (did you know that burritos are NOT Mexican food... Nope... Americans made those up.. HA). I have so much fun with him every night. Viva Mexico (that's for you Hector).

Fall Colors
While I am sad that summer is gone and the cold weather is looming in the air, I am sure thankful for all of the beautiful colors around. I loved the flowers in the spring time here in Utah and the autumn colors and leaves are just as beautiful. I can't believe how many colors there are! I don't remember autumn ever being this beautiful in Las Vegas. Hip Hip Hooray for Autumn.

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