Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Lovely Vintage Find

Oh my goodness. So, I FINALLY got Harrison to agree to coming with me into the HUGE antique mall close to us in Springville, Utah. He has been fighting me on it for a while, but I finally convinced him. So, we were walking around and I was showing him all the different things that I want on my Christmas list. I was talking about how I would love to have a bunch of different pieces of antique china for entertaining (enough for lots of people to eat off of, but nothing would match... do you see my vision here people?... By the way, thanks for that fabulous idea Jane!).
Anyway, I was showing him what I liked and........ TA DA!!!!!! There was this set of antique CAVALIER china sitting on a shelf with a price tag of $24.99... NO WAY!!! This is too good to be true. I asked the owner of the antique store if it was true... sure enough... it was! Harrison was so good to give me his blessings and let me purchase them! YIPPEE!!!!

They are just dreamy, don't you think? And I love the gold detail on them! It is the best deal I have found on an antique since... well let's be honest... in my entire life. The owner of the antique shop didn't believe that the dealer was selling them for so cheap! They are made from egg shells (a little fun fact).

I know the pictures aren't great, but I couldn't wait for better light to take them. I wanted to share with the world what amazing china I found! WhooHoo! Thanks for letting me buy them hunny! You really do spoil me (all $24.99 worth)!

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