Monday, September 8, 2008

A Good Weekend With Friends!

We had our good friends Kristin and Karl over along with my best good friend of Grand Junction Kim (Kristin and Kim are sisters)! We had a blast. We ate yummy hot dogs and hamburgers prepared to perfection on the grill by Harrison.
I am so happy that Kim is here in Provo. We are such good friends. I told her that her being here makes Provo bearable. Yay for the best friends!
Kristin and Karl's little girl, Addy, screamed with terror when they came over. Harrison answered the door and his presence scared her half to death. She literally screamed and cried. It was quite funny. Maybe we should change his name from Harrison to Scarrison. After Addy got over the initial shock of Harrison, she was such a good helper. Harrison would scoop the ice cream for us and she would take it to everybody! What a great little helper!

Here we have the future Paris Hilton! See the sunglasses?
Mom and Dad would like to be part of the trend as well.

Sunday was such a fun day. We are so thankful to have good friends like Kristin, Karl, and Kim!

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Britta Mosman said...

Your hair is short! It's really cute!