Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aubrey!

Aubrey turned 15 and we all went to celebrate with her on Saturday the 13th of September. Jordan looks so happy for his little sister! HA
Joy, Gabby, and Eli look like they are having a good time, too!
Bryson, Jordan, and Robyn
This was funny... Harrison and I walked out of the house and realized that we were both wearing yellow shirts. HA! Well, neither of us wanted to change, so we just left the house as twins the rest of the day! HA HA HA. We jut told everybody we were on the same crew for some service project in the area. Hee hee hee.

Happy Birthday Gabby! You are 1 today!

This is Nick showing Gabby the very first picture that was taken of her on the day she was born exactly one year ago (well a year ago on September 14th). I think this is such a sweet picture.
Scary! Eli and Harrison were blanket ghosts for most of the morning. HA!
I was given the job of decorating cupcakes. WhooHoo. Eli definitely wanted to help. I didn't blame him. Cupcakes are fun. He was such a good helper!

It's Party Time!

... Happy Birthday dear Gabby, Happy Birthday to you!
So cute! She tried to blow it out!
Time to eat cake!

Here is what was left of the cupcake when she was done.
Eli was pretty excited to eat his cupcakes too!

Present time!

She was just so overwhelmed with emotion as you can see!

We tried to have a photo shoot of sorts with the little Birthday Girl at the end of the day... she wasn't too interested in it at all. She had had all the fun she needed for one day.
I thought I could tickle her into laughing or smiling for the camera... no use!

And finally... she got tired of our making a monkey out of her and she just crawled away!

What fun we had with family and friends for the two birthday parties. It is so nice to have family close so we can spend time with them!

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