Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Four Weeks To Go! Holy Cow!

I am proud to announce that Harrison and I have just about four weeks to go on our debt pay off plan! We have about $700 left to pay off on my beautiful braces... and whalah! The debt will be paid off and we will be debt free. I am so excited. This summer has been a long and hard one. We have worked two jobs a piece since about March. Harrison went back to only one job because school started today... Yippee! He is thankful for a bit of a break. I will work at BYU through the end of the month and then... I too will go back to one job. What a great thing for us. We set the goal to pay off our debt and we are very close in reaching it. Thanks to the encouraging words of wisdom from Dave Ramsey we have been able to get this taken care of. I encourage all of you... every single person who reads this to hop on board and get their debt paid off. All it takes is some dedication, budgeting, and a plan! If we can do it... anybody can! When the debt is paid off we will call into Dave's talk radio show and scream "WE"RE DEBT FREE" on debt free Friday.

So fun! I will let you know when the last check is written!

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