Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All this cold weather makes me want to puke!

This is a completely true statement. I hate waking up to snow. Today I woke up to snow. I went to bed looking at snow and I woke up looking at snow! It is SPRING for heaven's sake!
We had such a nice weekend last weekend... it was almost 70 degrees on Saturday. I was able to do some yard work and I shut the heater off too! I opened the doors to let the fresh air in... the day was amazing.
And now there is ice and snow on the ground. Doesn't Mother Nature understand that I am allergic to the winter weather? Mother Nature is NOT as understanding and loving towards me as my real life mother. My real life mother would understand that I get very sad and upset when it is cold and it snows. And then my real life mother would turn the cold and snow off so that I would be a happy daughter. I think Mother Nature needs to take a lesson in nurturing from my own real life mother.
OK, I think I am alright now.
Thanks for listening!

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Hayden's Mommy said...

you and me both, sister. las vegans shouldnt move to provo... btw, i happen to LOVE your new background!