Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Entry 100

Wow! Weird to think that I have entered text in this things 100 times (well, just less than that since Harrison has posted a few times). But here we are... POST 100!!!!

Reasons why I love to blog:
**I can keep my family/friends up to date on my life without calling everybody ALL the time.

**I can post photos.

**I love getting comments from my peeps.

**I love talking about my little family (in a non braggish sort of way... even if I do brag sometimes)

**I like my links to other blogs that I love (family, friends, lovely crafting ladies)

**It gives me something to do!

So here is to 100 more posts! I hope you like the TRC (totally random crap) we post on this blog. I love posting so I'll keep doing it until my eyes pop out of my head!

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