Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's a sign.

So I had a weird dream last night.... I dreamed that I was at the Dr's office and they had to cut me (I don't remember why). When they cut my arm open sand and dust came out. The Dr said that I needed to drink more water.....

So, I figured I would go with this revelation given to me in these modern days and drink more water. I am not a very good water drinker. It makes me feel "sick" or "water logged" so to speak... so I have been adding those little water flavoring packets to my water bottle. Does that still count as drinking water? I would say yes. So what... there is a tinny but of sugar added... sue me! I think I will be laying off the Cherry Coke for a little while (shocking, I know).

Dreams are a weird thing. But I gotta go with this one! I'm sure my kidneys and dusty veins will thank me for it.

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