Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Holiday Retreat!

Harrison and I booked a mini retreat at a local resort this week. We spent 2 days at the FABULOUS Green Valley Ranch resort and spa. It was lots of fun. One of the great things about living here in Vegas is the local discounts. Here in Vegas we see about 35+ million tourists a year (that's a lot of people). So- to reward us locals for our patients with these foreigners... hotels/restaurants/spas/attractions/shows run really good specials and discounts for those with a Nevada drivers license.
We stayed 2 nights at the GVR resort and they threw in a great dining credit and spa credit. Our stay was really nice.
The first night we were there, we ate dinner at Hanks. It is a posh steak/lobster place. The atmosphere and ambiance was great. It was very romantic and the customer service was really great!

We had a lovely dinner of fillet minion, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to people. I think we will go again for sure. There was also live music while we were there. A guy that played the guitar and piano. Harrison made a good point... He wondered if the band Sublime ever thought their song "What I Got" would ever be played slowly with a piano. He did a good job though.

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and made our 10:00 appointment for a couples massage. Oh how I love the spa! GVR's spa has been named Best Spa in Vegas time and time again... and I could see why.

We had our massage (that was great by the way) and after that I took advantage of ALL they had to offer in the waiting lounge and shower area. They really did think of everything. They had all the toiletries you could think of or need right at the ready... including tooth brushes and tooth paste... and deodorant. I also used the (really good) blow dryers and flat irons that were there. Such a wonderful retreat for us.

We had to come back to reality and real life today. I wish we didn't have to. Oh well- I guess if I "had" to live like that everyday- it wouldn't be as amazing as it is right now when it is a rarity (I'm not so sure if I believe that though).

I guess it's time to hop online and find the next GREAT DEAL!

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Wow, sounds amazing!!