Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've Drunk the Kool-Aid (Butter Beer)

Well Folks,
It is official. I (Harrison) have become a Harry Potter fan. I have ranted in the past about how Harry Potter is no better than grocery store fiction and that it will not lead children to read classic literature, like Mark Twain, but I was wrong. Harry Potter is a well crafted and involving series and I think it is very good.
Of course, I have only read one of the books so far, but I have watched all the movies in the past few days and they are great, even considering the detail that is left out from the books.
Now I won't be dressing up in Harry Potter gear for any occasion, but I will be buying all the books. I am trying to figure out a way to get the British versions of the books, since Rowling is a Brit and they are in their purest form in Britain. Any ideas?

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jehosephat said...

No worries man, I always knew if you'd just give it a chance you would like it.

Have you tried this?

Another option you have is trying to find them online at isohunt, I had friends who had the English audio version. I am not sure why it is such a huge deal though, I think the primary thing that is changed are just a few of the English colloquialisms like bogey instead of booger. They will be 99% the same.