Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Control

 Well, our cats had their first run-in with the law. Spock got picked up in our neighborhood. Apparently cats are not allowed to be outside their own yard. How you are supposed to manage that when the cat is outside is a mystery to me.
Here is his mugshot from the pet harbor website:

This is the little bugger after I brought him home. He is now an inside cat. At least for now, if we can get him a collar we might be able to let him out of the house again.


Maddie said...

haha that's awesome

Steph said...

How does that work with having "outside" cats? Do they just usually come home in the daytime or something? That concept is so foreign to me because I've only had dogs, and I would never let them be outside without me out there. Anyway, glad you found him and got him home safely! Maybe Jaala can make him a collar with her new sewing machine! :)