Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working with HOES....

Come on peeps... like garden hoes!  Anyway- yesterday Harrison and I dove into our NASTY back yard and started to de-junk it.  We went to work for a couple of hours and started ripping all the dead stuff out of the yard.  The peeps that lived in the house before us let the yard go to crap... we yanked about 30 dead plants out and raked up about 6 bags of trash/leaves/debris.  And I am sure there is at least 6 more bags of stuff that needs to be bagged STILL.  Here are some pics of our progress.  A few plants are still surviving.  We will see how long we can keep them.

I am excited to get working on adding new plants and things into the yard.  I really want the back yard to be a place to love.  Right now I HATE it... but all in good time.  I thought I might find something creepy yesterday while we were cleaning.  The weirdest thing we found was a rotten chicken egg.  It's almost as if somebody threw it over the fence and it never broke or something.  Well- I dropped it and it craked open... and it stunk BAD!  No dead chick or anything.... just a dried up yolk that seriously stunk to HIGH HEAVEN!

PS- we should have TONS of photos of my sister's wedding in the next few days.  I can't wait to show you the awesome shots Harrison took of Dayle and Charnae- the newlyweds.

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