Monday, June 6, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever??

Can you hear the Ted Nugent tune in your head??  Well anyway-  We felt so productive last Monday when we got all of the yard cleaned up. (PS- there were a total of 11 bags of debris that went out to the curb on trash day.  I totally forgot to take a picture of it though).

**DISCLAIMER**  I am about to post pictures and write an entire blog entry about sick felines.  I know this will make a lot of you roll your eyes (especially my mother I think) since some of you couldn't care less about pets... much less ours.  But- this is what has been taking up a lot of our time (and money) lately so I am posting about it.

So Monday night I felt a bit weird.  My chest felt tight and I had a bit of a cough.  I just figured that it was because we worked so hard and I got more of a workout than I originally thought.  Well- I went about my day and soon we found that there was a visitor in the computer/craft room.  Spock had made his way back into the house and was sacked out on the chair.  Well- the cats have been outside cats for about a year now.  Last summer they decided to pee and mark their territory with each other on things like the bed, my purse, our nice sleeping bags, and the corner of the living room.  Well... they have been banished to the outside.

I went to see what was up with Spock and realized that he had a very stuffy nose and he started sneezing like crazy.  Well- we deduced right away that he was sick with a kitty cold.  Harrison and I figured that he picked up the awesome sickness from his visit to Animal Control the week before.  

In the meantime- I had a full on fever and cough myself.  WAH!!!

So, off to the vet we went on Tuesday.  Spock wasn't very happy about getting into the little kennel and taking a trip.  He cried most of the way.  After a check up, IV to bring his fever down, and an antibiotic prescription... we went home to let him rest and recover. 

It took a couple of days for the little guy to get some energy back.  I bet he felt like King of the castle for a week.  He was able to go wherever he wanted and stay inside the entire time. 

There were lots of naps this week.

The vet told us to make sure he had really stinky food while he was getting better.  If the cat can't smell the food- he won't eat.  So our kitchen has smelled like tuna, salmon, trout, and crab cakes for a few days.

Finally- the cat started to eat again.

Well- Spock was finally feeling better.  One of the reasons we kept him inside for a couple of days was so that he wouldn't hang out with this brother and get him sick.  Well- we came home from church yesterday... and... Dude was laying next to the front door looking pitiful.  He was sick too!  So- we took him inside and gave him some of the antibiotic as well.

Dude made his sick bed on top of my truck at first.

Both kitties slept together that night to comfort each other.  It was pretty cute to look at.  For the first time in a year they were able to be inside together without tearing each other apart or the house.

So I kind of forgot what it was like to have cat inside.  Once feeling better, they have decided to get back to their "cattiness".  They like to get into our faces while we sleep... walk between our legs as we go up and down the stairs (almost causing terrible falls), meowing incessantly until we either pet them or give them "treats".

Dude asking us to wake up.

I am also feeling better.  I love working for a Dr who can prescribe meds.  I have taken an antibiotic for a week along with NyQuil and Mucinex and TONS of ibuprofen.  I am feeling about 80% better today! YAY!


hwscutie said...

You have every right to talk/blog about you cats, people talk/blog about their kids and for those who don't have any yet can become just as bored as people who talk about their pets. Pets are family too :)

Amalicious said...

I love animal posts!!! (coming from a woman who set up a separate blog just for her rabbits...hehe) Seriously though your cats are so cute! And I agree, animals are family.