Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well friends- I really do have a lot to be thankful for this week.  I have had some huge ups and downs but overall... I shouldn't complain too much.

Best Friends:
I love her!  Jane.  She is amazing.  She and her husband made a last minute trip down our way and we were able to have dinner and play tour guide for the evening.  It was really really good to see her and Rodger.  We get really silly when we get together.

Like- this silly!
I feel like we should be freakin' comedians when we get together!  We are so funny!  We had a good time!


My Church Girls:
Yeah- I know that I talk about them a lot... but it is because they are fabulous and they keep me feeling really really young!  Seriously- those girls have so much energy and I love it!  We went and got our make up done last weekend at the MAC counter.  We decided to call ourselves the MAC PACK!  It was a hoot!  I was also able to introduce most of the girls to Judith Leiber clutches.  That was super fun too!

Last night we had a swim party for our weekly activity.  I showed up a bit late and it was to the point that all the people in regular clothes (including leaders) were getting thrown into the pool!  I made sure to keep my phone in hand so that I would not be one of those getting dumped into the water.  It worked.  Here is a picture of the clothed girls getting dumped and after they swam to the surface:

This is seriously one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of my life.  To have these girls in my life! They are so much fun!  I really love spending time with them and getting to know them!


Yeah- he has been a life saver this week.  I had a couple of emotionally horrific things happen this week and he was there to give me a hug, a pep talk, and take me away for a day.  I sure love that guy.  Like a lot.

Tapas Dinner at Cosmo

POOL DAY at Mandalay Bay Beach


We finally made it to Mandalay Bay this year!  We usually go the week of our anniversary, but we were on a tight budget that weekend and room rates were sky high- so we decided to wait to find a good deal.  We did.  We got a screaming deal which included our room, 2 for 1 breakfast, 2 for 1 VIP seating at the Beach, and free admission into the adult only pool (which we opted out of).  It was super fun!  We love the pool!  We loved the VIP seating we had too!  The chairs were so comfy and we were pampered!  Here is our view from our seats (click on it to make it bigger):


I am very thankful for the life I have.  I have a wonderful marriage which includes a pretty amazing husband.  I have a very nice home complete with air conditioning and two funny cats.  I have a great family both from my side and Harrison's side who are there to lend support when we need it most.  I have a job (which right now I am not in love with... but you know... it could be worse).  I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which brings me so much joy, stability, and overall happiness.  

What are you thankful for this week??

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