Saturday, May 24, 2014

We're Not Broken, Just Bent

The lyrics to this popular song have been swirling through my mind over and over and over the last while.  Maybe not even so much the "We're" part but maybe I want to change it to "I'm".  I'm not broken, just bent.  I just love that line.  I think it is very well written.  How many times do we think we are broken?  How many times do we think we cannot get back up one more time because we are shattered... because we are too damaged from improper care, and neglect (and mostly because of improper care we place upon ourselves), when in fact we are not broken.  We are not shattered. We are not damaged beyond repair.  We are just bent.  We are just in need of a little handling.  A little self-care.
I have taken this to heart in the recent weeks.  I felt like I have reached rock bottom in a sense (as we do at times).  It's the cycle we go through in life.  We are on top of the world and we feel like nothing can touch us or interfere with our pride.  But oh how we are wrong.  When we have attitudes like this, we are quick not to see past the ends of our noses (one of my favorite phrases from Mary Poppins).  We are quickly knocked off of our pedestals and thrown into the mud.  We get dirty, and our designer attitudes quickly turn into thrift store cast offs.  We find ourselves picking ourselves up and starting over.
But remember, we are not broken, just bent!  We can make it!  I can make it!  I am worth it!  I can do this!  I am smart!  I am capable!  Kate Spade said it so well:

I am all of these things!  I get so caught up with the BS and with what everyone else thinks of me and the things that are "not important" that I really loose sight of what IS important.  The things like my well being, my marriage, my religious beliefs, my family, my health, my hobbies, my friends, my vitamin intake, and putting lotion on!  UGH.  Why do I do that!?  I am sure I am not the only one out there.  But I am just going to come out and  say it.
Many of you who have been reading this blog for a number of years might remember my post What If I Stop Running.  Well, it seems like it is getting to that point again.  Time to make some lifestyle changes.

I am excited to start blogging again.  I think it will make me a happier person.  Whatever happened to my New Year's word this year?  What happened to me TRUSTING things?  Trusting myself?  Trusting the people I love?  Trusting God?  It seems like I just started pushing them away.  NO MORE.  It is time to take my life back.  It is time to straighten out the bends.  It is time to TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!

So- here is the "Just Give Me a Reason" video to watch if you want.  First of all... I can't get the song out of my head.  I have been singing it every morning for LITERALLY months.  LITERALLY.  AND- I freaking love P!NK.  I mean- come on.  She is amazing (even though I know Harrison hates her.  Like so much).  Anyway- this is your ear worm for the day!

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Bryant said...

Great blog post. I too get that song stuck in my head. That line, We're not broken, just bent, was difficult to make out because of the way they pronounce it in the song. So I looked up the lyrics way back and ever since then it has hit a little close to home than some other songs have. I hope what ever it is you're going through, you're able to straighten it out. Love you Jaala.