Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Little Word- Well Hello 2014!

Happy New Year!!!  Did you celebrate with the ones you love?  I did!  Harrison and I were by ourselves.  We watched the fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip 12 miles away from the comfort of the hood of the car with a blanket.  We also toasted the New Year with sparkling grape juice in champagne glasses that I inherited from my Great Grandmother.

Well, I was up until about 1:30 in the morning trying to narrow my word choice down for the year.  It was kind of tough.  There were a couple that were running through my mind hat I just could not get out of my head, but I knew it could only be one.  

**For those friends and family members who do not know about my ONE LITTLE WORD, let me explain.  Most of us make a resolution or two at the beginning of the new year.  Well, I gave that up several years ago.  I never keep any of them.  Most of them are unrealistic or just made hastily anyway.  I decided (with the help of my very dear friend Jane) years ago that the better thing to do would be to have ONE LITTLE WORD.  A single word that will be your "anthem" for the year.  A word that will guide you for the entire year.  A positive word.  A word that encompasses all areas of your life.  It has proved to be a much better goal making tool.  I have been able to use my word throughout the year and it has always "been there for me".  Take a look at some of my past words HERE and HERE and HERE.  

Well, I thought and pondered, and prayed, and thought some more about my word.  And again I went to my good friend the Thesaurus.  He is a good friend.  Always helping me with "words".  Well, here it is folks!  Without anymore waiting.....

TRUST.  Trust is the word.  I am really excited about it.  I am excited for all that this means.  All that this will be for me.  I need to learn to trust a lot of things more.  I need to trust our Heavenly Father more.  I am not very patient.  I need to trust that He knows what is best and doesn't always give me what I want.  I need to learn to trust those that I love a little more.  I think that I... OK I know that I come off as "knowing more" than them a lot.  And I know that sometimes I really do think that.  That is not always correct.  I need to learn to trust others.  Trust their knowledge and their intellect.  I also need to learn to trust myself.  I am always second guessing myself.  I am smart!  I am good!  I am enough!  Most of the time, when I second guess myself, I get things wrong.  I mess things up.  I need to learn to trust myself.  Trust that what I think and know are correct and good!

Welcome 2014.  I am glad to meet you.  Let's be great friends.  Let's have a happy life together!

Now, friends and family: if you are also taking this challenge, let me know what your word is... what will your ONE LITTLE WORD be?  I love hearing about what others are doing and what they are learning.

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