Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Attempt at daily posts

Well I have a friend from school who is so good about posting on her blog daily even if the topic is somewhat mundane. She has inspired me at least to share a bit more about our life as a married couple and just some of the things that are going on, even though they are not groundbreaking or incredibly exciting. So here goes:

These photos are from this awesome iPhone app, that I'm sure most have heard of, called hipstamatic. It takes square pictures that are reminiscent of the pictures produced by Holga and Lomo cameras . Two very elementary yet effective photographic tools.

Anyway, I have found that in my hobbying life I often oscillate through certain obsessions. Because of this app my interest in kit cameras, pinhole cameras:
(a 1 hour pinhole exposure during practice for a band I was in, look closely you can see us in the chairs)

and non-traditional photographic processes has fired up again (luckily it seems that my oscillation tends to make circles, otherwise I would have lots of gear and no real expertise).

So now I am figuring out how I can use the little toy cameras that I have acquired over the years to shoot slide film and get the effects that are mimicked in the hipstamatic app, in the real way. That is, through cross processing. It seems that if I use 35mm film and a little trickery I can even get my local 1 hour place to do it, but these toy cameras use 120 (medium format) film that is generally not processed at the CVS photo lab. The larger size film is where the square prints come from.

The other thing that has been taking up the time I spend with Jaala is that she had her wisdom teeth pulled last Friday. This is somewhat of an ordeal for a person over 18 years, since they don't heal as quickly, and Jaala is doing a very good job at being a trooper. She saw the doctor today and he said that she is progressing very well and that her last day of real pain should be tomorrow. Here's hopin!

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Steph said...

Holy crap, that pinhole camera picture is so cool!