Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've been in a few plays

Going through the pictures that my mom gave me, of me, from her collection it became apparent that I have been in a few plays in my day. These don't even include all of them, but most are represented here.

Jordan and I, in the Ware Gang, I was Every Ware, and he was Silver Ware. He had spoons and stuff on his vest in the play if I remember correctly. 

 I dunno what this one is

 This was a play about our hometown of Grand Junction. I was supposed to be an amnestic Shakespearean actor returned to Gj.
 I know this one is a stretch, but I was Joseph. Nick was the angel it would seem. 

 I was Trapper Keeper, a fur trapper, and the chick with me (Amy F.) was Orange Juice, or something. We were in love, and I had my first on stage kiss. A little lame. 
Amy lives in NYC now, and last I heard did theater there. 

 I played a hippie concert promoter. We were doing a Woodstock type thing and we sang songs from a bunch of people. Jordan played a surfer in this one I think. 

 Trapper Keeper again

Post amnesia, I remembered all my Shakespeare

I played an alien that fattened kids up so we could feed on them. We toured elementary schools and made kindergartners cry.

I played an orderly turned priest.

and my final role, Puck. I had black toenails.


Steph said...

Holy cool! I had no idea you were a thespian!! :) Those pictures are awesome.

jmallen said...

Wow, now I know a totally new side of H!

jehosephat said...

The one with Jordan in the suit and bow-tie is funny. I had that pic on my mission to show people. No one would ever believe me that Jordan was like 12 in that photo or whatever age he was. They all thought he was like a 40 year old guy.