Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Words of Wisdom... from someone who doesn't have any anymore...

So last Friday, I went to Nevada Oral and Facial Surgery and had all four wisdom teeth extracted.  My bottom wisdom teeth were getting close to the nerve in the bottom of my jaw and had the potential to wrap around the nerve and cause some damage... AND... the bottom ones were coming in crooked (almost impacted) so... I decided to get them out.  LUCKILY- I work in the field, so I got a great deal on getting my teeth extracted by a WONDERFUL office.  

Here is my x-ray pre-surgery! 

I was pretty nervous having to go through this whole thing.  You see, I have never been put under anesthesia before... and I was pretty nervous about it.  Well- Dr. Johnson and his WONDERFUL staff made me feel a lot better about things (especially when they shot my IV up with some anti-anxiety meds).  The last thing I remember was Dr. Johnson putting the "white stuff" in my IV and me telling him, "Oh- I have watched enough episodes of Dr. 90210 to know what the white stuff is for".... and then I remember waking up and my mouth being full of gauze and PAIN!

The next couple of days were filled with pain meds, ice packs, and naps.  It was quite painful to tell you the truth.  People my age shouldn't be having their wisdom teeth pulled.  It is a lot harder for somebody over the age of about 20 to recover from having their wisdom teeth extracted (being almost 27... I am WELL past the fast and easy recovery age).  So- my recovery has been LONG and pretty painful.

I have been afraid to eat a lot of things for fear that I might get pieces of food stuck in the healing sockets... so my diet has consisted of Slim Fast, yogurt, jello, ramen noodles (which I have been swallowing whole) and Popsicles.  I have loved it all... even if I have been EXTREMELY hungry for 5 days!

Harrison has been a good egg.  He has spent time with me in bed while I have been resting and napping and watching TV.  He has been a dang good support to me while I have been ill and cranky.

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Hey Harrison, I'm diggin your hair. It looks good.