Friday, April 8, 2011

Negative scanners

So I found out last semester that our library at UNLV has a negative scanner that you are able to check out and use for personal projects. I have been waiting for a time to check out said scanner since then.
I had that opportunity yesterday
I wasn't sure what the quality of the scanner was, although I had seen it and it didn't look too impressive, so I just took one set of 35mm B&W negatives and a set of 120mm (medium format) negatives that I have never been able to print. and the results were fun but not that great for archival purposes.

These two are from our engagement photos. Taken by Crystal D. I developed the film but never printed any except those that we needed for the announcements. The scanner got them super grainy and also very purple. Which technically is a quality of the film they were shot on. But overall I was not very happy with the results. But it's fun for snapshots or whatever.

these ones are from the medium format camera, but the scanner only covered 35mm and they are on a different film.

So with a little manipulation and color correction I was able to come up with this:

Oh and here is another pinhole shot that I did a long time ago.


Steph said...

I love that you have this hobby. It's seriously so cool!

Also, I saw you editing the photo of the old couple in class. Turned out awesome. :)

Harrison said...

Thanks! That older couple is my grandparents, it is one of the last pictures of my grandparents together before my grandpa died.
I love that my Grandma is laughing, the emotion is just so genuine. My grandpa was playfully gruff after I took it, which makes it memorable for me.