Friday, June 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I got this idea from Marie. Thankful Thursday. The day where I blog about things I am thankful for. I am a day late this week... since it is Friday... but whatever! Here it goes!


I love my pillows. I sleep with like 4 of them every night. They are so comfy and help me to have a good night's rest. I never realize how much I miss them until I have to sleep without them for a while.

Warm Weather!

I love to wear sandals and not wear layers! I love the smell of warm weather. Yes, warm weather has a smell. It smells like swimming pools, fresh cut grass, and pretty flowers... and tanning oil!


I have amazing co-workers. We went on a field trip today to a flower shop, Costco, and the paper store... HA! They are amazing co-workers. We get along so great. We tell jokes, about our lives, and about our pasts. They are some of the neatest ladies I have ever met!


Along with warm weather comes... warm weather. I am thankful for the AC in the house and the car. It makes the summer bareable. Oh yes. I like to sleep (with my 4 pillows) in the coolness of the air conditioned night. AMAZING!

That concludes the first chapter of Thankful Thursday. Thank you for the idea Marie! I am thankful for you, too! Tune in next week for more thankfulness!

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