Thursday, June 5, 2008

Arriving in Orlando FINALLY... with Pizza Grandma

Why does it seem that Grandmas give up trying to be normal? This was the question Harrison asked me when we saw Pizza Grandma. This lady was in our flight from Minneapolis to Detroit (on our way to Florida). When we were waiting at the gate we noticed that it looked like she had just magically pulled some cold pizza out of her purse and began to eat it with her cup of coffee at like nine o'clock in the morning. Who has pizza in their purse? And who eats it with their coffee for breakfast? So, we lovingly gave her the name Pizza Grandma. I hope that Harrison and I don't get old and keep cold leftovers on our person at random times.

Finally! We made it to Orlando. This is me making the phone calls to our parents letting them know we had arrived in Sunny Florida. We were definitely tired of being on airplanes. We left Salt Lake City at 6 am and we finally got to Orlando at almost 7 pm (so 5pm Utah time). It was a long day. We took this shuttle to get our rental car. We were so hungry! We ate at the closest Burger King we could find (well the closest BK that the Garmin GPS could find. Those things are awesome). It took us another 45 minutes to get to our Hotel in Melbourne (pronounced Mel-burn by the locals). We pretty much unpacked and went to bed. AAHH... glorious sleep!

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