Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Long Awaited Thankful Thursday

OK, lets see. I have been trying to think about the things I have been thankful for in the last week, but I have found that I can hardly remember as far back as last weekend. Sad I know, but my life has been a whirlwind of events it seems... what with 2 jobs, a bridal shower to plan, dinner to make, the house to clean... no wonder I feel like I need a nap all of the time. All excuses aside, here it goes:

Yes, I am so thankful for her. I love talking to her. We talk on the phone almost every single day. I had a high school English teacher tell me that I would not appreciate good teachers or my parents for about 5 years after I graduated school. Well, she was right. It didnt take me THAT long to learn to appreciate my parents (especially my mom) but somewhere close to there. My mother is amazing. She has the answers to just about everything involving cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing, crafting, gardning, things having to do with church, and anything else I could ever ask about. I am truly blessed to have my MOMMY!!! I love you Mom!

I know that sounds silly, but I am. I have been crafting the last little while and I find myself looking for anything to throw glitter on. It makes me so happy! I heard a comedy bit just a little while ago and the guy said that glitter is the herpes of all craft supplies. Once you get it on you be prepared to have it there... FOREVER. It does not come off. It is so true! But, I love it anyway!

Marie came by work the other day with her little girl Cora. She is so freaking cute! She is about 16 months old and so darling. She likes to sit on my lap at my desk and draw on things and click the keyboard. She also likes to eat whatever I am eating at the time. She is such a precocious little thing! She makes me laugh every time I see her.

I was looking back on my last Thankful Thursday posts and realized that I have not once said that I am thankful for my husband. Well, I am! Honestly! Harrison is great. I am SO glad we are married. We have been able to do so many fun things in our 3 years of marriage. Sure, we have our rough spots, but what marriage doesn't? I am thankful for his sense of humor and his patience. He is so patient with me. Heaven knows I can drive anybody batty with my LONG stories and shoe addiction. He is always there to support me. I love you too Harrison!

Well, that concludes this edition of Thankful Thursday. Tune in next week for another exciting post.

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