Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Another edition of Thankful Thursday. I can't believe the week has zoomed by so quickly. It is incredible. It just seems like I posted my last Thankful Thursday just a couple of days ago. WEIRD.

2 News Morning Team

Yes, I am thankful for the morning news. This news team is my FAVORITE! I love them. They are so funny! I watch 2 News This Morning every morning while I get ready for work. I am obsessed with it! I feel like I am only half ready for the day if I leave the house and I have not watched it! I feel like I stay very informed with current events while watching this station. There are other stations here in Utah that are SO one sided (eh hem... KSL...) and I can't stand that. I feel like my CBS news channel stays non bias! I love it!

Oxy Clean

Oh yes! This stuff is amazing! I borrowed a table cloth for the bridal shower last week from a dear friend of mine. It is one of her favorite table cloths... EVER! Well, when the shower was over and I got all the goods home, I realized that the table cloth (that came from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic collection... LOVE IT) had a big purple stain on it! WHAT THE CRAP? It looked as if a big raspberry had leaked it's juices all over the cloth. I Spray-N-Wash'd it and tried to hand wash it. IT DIDN'T COME OUT! I started having a "secret cow" (when you totally freak out on the inside but haven't quite let everybody else know on the outside). Well, I got out the ol' bucket of Oxy Clean and dissolved about 2 scoopfuls into a bucket of water and let the table cloth soak in there for about 2 days. GOOD AS NEW! The stain is completely gone with no trace to be seen! YaHoo!

Drive Thru Gas Station

I pretty much visit the neighborhood CREST station at least once or twice a week for my fix of Cherry Coke. Yum! The best part of it is... they have a DRIVE THRU window. Genius I tell you! I just pull up... let them know what I want (anything in the store by the way... Doritos, Hostess cupcakes, whatever tickles my fancy that day)... and then when I pull to the window... WHALAH! My order is ready without me even unbuckling my seat belt. It is great! Thank Heavens for that!

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