Monday, February 23, 2009

Allen, Shupe, Owens, Bivens, McDonald-Davis Family Fun Night!

Well this last Sunday we had Harrison's side of the family over... sort of. Well, Harrison's brother, Nick, is married to Joy. Joy has a lot of sisters. Most of her sisters live here in Utah. Those sisters have become pretty much our family too even though we are not blood relation! We enjoy them all! So, we had them all over for the monthly family dinner. Well, of course we had to set up the camera and lighting and snap some photos of our kin.

Here are some test photos we took and the only guinea pig was.... me.... so here is ME....

I just can't get over how freaking cute my niece is! I pretty much want to eat her up! In an Obama supporting baby-eating sort of way (sorry to all of you who do not understand this very innocent and very inside joke)
Emily and Geoff

Melanie and Taylor

Shawn, April, Hailey, and baby on the way

Nick, Joy, Eli, Gabbs, and baby on the way

Harrison and Jaala

We had lots of fun. If I had planned a little better, I would have totally had an Oscar themed party since the Academy Awards were on that night! Way to drop the ball, I know!

We love our families, no matter how non-blood related they are! YAY!


Lori J (UrgentCookie) said...

Great pics. :0)

Sweet Jane said...

You are such a HAM! (burger)Cute and fun!