Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gladden Family Fun Night!

Well, this last Sunday I had the "Utah" family over. We had so much fun. Harrison and I broke out the studio lighting and took some photos of all of us (minus Harrison since he was the photographer). There were tons of candid shots. I don't really need to explain a lot of them. They are what they are... funny!

Bryce being a gangsta like his older cousins

This was supposed to be our Abercrombie and Fitch shot.... oh well

I think Lisa stinks!

Love means many things

OK, this one I have to explain. Lisa, Vermil, and I put on really red lipstick for some of our pictures. Well we were dorking around and all of the sudden Uncle Bryant comes from around the corner with lipstick on too! We all about died! This shot is priceless. You couldn't recreate this shot if you wanted. It was so funny!

We told Bryce to kiss his daddy but it looks like he is telling his daddy secrets.

Needless to say, it was a good time. It was fun to try out the lights and figure things out. Most of all, it was fun spending time with family! Family is so important to me. The bonds we share as family should always stay strong... through good times and bad times. Life is too short to be mad at each other. There is only time for love.... and red lipstick!

I love you family! I really do!


Amy said...

Fun family pics! And looks like you got some quality photog equipment :)

The Future Mrs. Luke said...

Aww that looks like so much fun! I would love it if you guys were able to stop by! That would be awesome!! What day is your anniversary?