Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscar Fashion Yay and Nay in my book

It was the best of times

Sarah Jessica Parker

Her "nearly mint" gown as she referred to it was AMAZING. So flattering on her. The bodice is so pretty!

Marisa Tomei

Everything is perfect about this! Look at all the HAND PLEATED pleats. So amazing!

Queen Latifa

It seems like she always gets it right. This gown is so pretty and the color is such eye candy!

Kate Winslet

I don't even know what to call the color on her dress. So beautiful. I love how there is minimal accessories so all you see is her amazing dress.

Penelope Cruz

OK, this is my FAVORITE!!!!!! So amazing! She looks like a princess for real! I love everything about this dress and about her jewelry! MAMA LIKE!

It was the worst of times!

Miley Cyrus

What the crap? It looks like something from under the DEEP sea!

Tilda Swinton

Its a shame that she is such an amazing actress yet her fashion is always awful!

Heidi Klum

What the crap was she thinking? Her fake bake is awful and her hair looks like she just got out of the shower. The cut and color of the dress is not for her!

Jessica Biel

It seriously looks like she took the sheet off of her bed and tied a few knots in it. So sad.


weezwhetten said...

Oh, I hated SJP's dress! Maybe not so much the dress, but the way it lifted her boobs to such an un-natural and slightly scary height. Ha!

Sweet Jane said...

Yum I loved SJP's dress...My fav of the night was the gal from benjie button in that cream confection.