Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Library of Congress

Jaala and I have been seeking out photos to put on our walls. While we are too poor to get any framing done we still want decorations because our walls are so bare. I have recently spent much time on the website of the Library of Congress. Which is where they keep copies of pretty much any historical photo you could ever imagine, and most of them are in High Resolution which makes for easy printing.
So thanks to the taxes we all pay Jaala and I have been able to get some pretty cool and meaningful photos at no charge (at least besides printing on our computer). Here are a few of them.

Rio De Janeiro RJ Brasil-in the early 1900s, a special place for both of us.

Peach pickers in Delta, CO in the 30s-I was a peach picker one summer after high school, and Delta is only about 50 miles from Grand Junction, CO where I grew up and Jaala and I met.

Shiprock, NM-Near Farmington, NM where Jaala was born. The navajo people are very important to Jaala's family, her Dad grew up on a reservation (despite being 100% white) and Jaala thought he was part Navajo for many years.

Old Timey photo from old times.- it is called the Moonshiner's Daughter.- This is just a style that Jaala really likes, but the woman looks quite a bit like Jaala's mom.

This is a haystack in Delta, CO in the 30s.-part of a series by a photographer as part of the WPA. The famous posters of which the LOC also has copies of.

A fair in Pietown, NM-another in the WPA series from the 30s. I can't believe the clarity of these photos. Being from the 1930s they make the people seem more real since their colors are so vibrant. I have always had a problem imagining things from the past as real because of poor image quality. These images however help to make those times more real because they are such high quality.

So go to the Library of Congress website and do an image search for anything you wish to see. Chances are they have it and you don't have to pay anything for it.


Rhett said...

Found you through Maddie on a comment you left for her. Awesome web site link! Totally added it to my favs.

Jordan and Robyn said...

Cool idea folks!