Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday.... really late

So- I made a deal with myself to start my Thankful Thursday posts again... and I failed. But- better late than never, right?? So- here we go!

Things I am thankful for this week:

Yes, I am thankful for my job. I know I complain about it a lot but I am thankful for it. My job is a huge challenge. But I get to meet a lot of really interesting people. I also get to do what I love to do best... talk!

Air Conditioning
The Vegas heat is just overwhelming sometimes. I do love that I can walk into my house and have cool air running. Such an amazing thing.

My Sister Charnae
Yes. I love all of my (9) siblings, but Nae has been on my mind the last few days. Her and her fiance, Dayle, were in a scary car accident this last week, but came out with minor injuries. How thankful I am for that. I thought about what would have happened if it were worse, and I just don't think I could have handled it. I am so thankful for her bubbly personality and her willingness to be kind and concerned for others.

A New Pillow
I do believe I have posted about pillows like 3 times on Thankful Thursday. That is how much I love them. I got a new pillow about a month ago or so. It is like a little slice of heaven right here on Earth. My head is just surrounded by soft heaven every night. I wake up without a headache too! That's good!

Well- that's all for this week. I will do this more often, I promise!

LOVE PEACE AND CHICKEN GREASE (by the way- who came up with that... weird)

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Clarrisa said...

Love it Jaala! I never read any of your past Thankful Thursday's but I like it! Maybe I'll have to do something similar...what do you think of Tip Top Tuesdays, or Wonderful Wednesdays? :)