Monday, August 30, 2010

Aubert Peak

So we went to Colorado (in July) and I TOTALLY forgot to blog about it! RUDE. Well, I just noticed that Harrison uploaded some of the photos to our Picasa site. I forgot that I took this photo (I could be wrong though... Harrison and I both took photos of this... but I am going to assume this one is mine).

Aubert Peak is a little mountain that sits very close to the family cabin. I have always loved this peak. I think this little photo does it justice. Just beautiful!

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Ellie said...

HEY JAALA!! its ellie mom says i am the guest commenter today because she is lazy. haha! my mom. ...anyway. my comment is. This beautiful picture reminds me of RTVing around the backwoods of J-town. where we all need to go and have a crafting movie party very soon. k thats all. ...p.s. this is my very first blog comment EVER! crazy right.