Sunday, August 15, 2010

With Love from San Diego!

Well, this past weekend, Harrison and I took a quick trip to San Diego. We went for a couple of reasons. 1. To see my cousin, Andre, get married. 2. To hit the beach. 3. To get out of the awful heat here in Vegas.

First stop: The San Diego LDS temple, where my cousin was married to his beautiful wife, Andrea. It was the first time Harrison and I had been to this temple. It was just beautiful.

The theme of the wedding was very cute... CARNIVAL! The girls' outfits were super cute (red and white striped tops with light blue tulle skirts)! Their bouquets were also very cute.

All of the girls in the wedding party wore different red shoes. This was probably my favorite part!
The guys in the wedding party wore red and white, or blue and white striped ties, and these awesome pinwheels for boutonnieres.

This is a photo of my Uncle Ron (the groom's father) and my Uncle Dennis (my mom's brother)

The Bride (Andrea) and The Groom (Andre)

I love this photo of father and son!

This is my Aunt Dixie, Andrea, Andre, and Uncle Ron.

After the wedding, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for the wedding luncheon. We got a shot of the car before they left!

After the wedding festivities, Harrison and I went back to the hotel to rest a season. We went exploring around Coronado Island to scope out a spot where we would hang out on the beach the next day. This is a beautiful place! It is now on my list of places to live!

Us at the beach.
It was SUPER cold when we first got there. The sun was covered by fog and clouds. As you can see, I have sweats on. The water was WAY too cold to even get into!

While I napped, Harrison made a frog out of sand! FUN!

After we took a stroll around the beach and ate lunch, the sun poked out. The weather was BEAUTIFUL the rest of the day. The water was still too cold to go into, but we had fun standing with our toes inside and people watching from our beach blankets.


Susiebelle said...

Looks super fun. I went to a wedding last week and the theme was very similar, with red shoes too! Huh!

irreverentgurl said...

I love the SD Temple... beeeutiful! And, I have to say those red shoes in the wedding party got my attention.