Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Thankful Thankful Thursday

Well, here we are again! It's Thursday! How was your week? Mine has been pretty good! Well, lets dive right into it! My Thankful Thursday for the week:

We had Andre and Andrea stay with us for the long Labor Day weekend. That was awesome! We did all kinds of things together. I am so glad when people come to visit us. If anything... it makes me clean the house! HA

Allergy Meds
Well, it is no secret that I have allergies. This year it has been extra rough for me. I think my body is just trying to get used to Las Vegas again. Thank goodness for Claritin and Zyrtec. LIFE SAVERS!

New Make Up
So my boss took all of us out on a little shopping trip last week (what a great boss) and I picked up some Clinique make up at Nordstrom. LOVE IT! The eye shadow quad that I got is called PINK CHOCOLATE. Oh how heavenly it is. I just love the way new make up feels. You forget how awesome it is until you get new. The old make up just gets old and you don't really notice. But once you crack open a new tube/bottle/lid... oh how sweet it is.

I recently picked up some Lavender/Vanilla candles and they are just wonderful. My house smells so comfy and fresh. I really do love them. I really love when a home smells fresh and clean and loved.

I have been able to chat with my bro's the last week or so and I just love them. All 6 of them. They are all so special to me in their own sort of way. Im proud of Charlie, who is in the Air Force. Im proud of Curtis, who is going to be a new Daddy any day now. I am proud of Brok for being such a great student and athelete. I am proud of Westley for taking the role of "new big brother" so seriously. I am proud of Christian for learning to love his new family so much (what a love bug he is). I am proud of Harve Lee for being brave enough to go to school and being in a new family! I am so blessed to be a part of such a HUGE family!

Well, thats all for now. Peace out peeps!


Amy said...

Nice boss! And I love the smell of lavender!

Emily Mecham said...

Have you considered allergy shots? I finally broke down this year and am doing them. They're once a week for a year, once every 2 weeks for a year, and once a month for a year. 3 years is a long commitment, but I've already felt a lot better in just 3 months. Just something to think about! :)