Monday, September 6, 2010

Hangin' with the A's

So, Andre and Andrea (click here to see their wicked blog) came to Vegas for the Labor Day weekend. What a treat. We usually have peeps come visit us and then we never have them come again! HA! Oh wait- lemme back up a bit!

So, when Andre and Andrea got married in San Diego (see my post about that here) they reminded us that they were coming to Vegas for their honeymoon! Well, to our surprise, they CALLED US to hang out on! Woah! We must be pretty special to get a call on a HONEYMOON! Well, here are a few photos from that night! Super fun!

Flower Garden @ Bellagio

The worlds LARGEST chocolate fountain @ Bellagio

Well, we were super excited when they wanted to come and hang out with us again (and so soon)... yeah, I guess we ARE that cool! Anyway, here are some pics from our weekend this past weekend!

DISCLAIMER: these photos are taken from my not so great iPhone camera. Sorry about the quality!

Andrea and Andrea blogging

We walked around CRYSTALS @ City Center. Oh how I wish I could afford ONE thing from there. Especially the HERMES Birkin bag for $108,000

Since one of the reasons the A's came to visit us was for Andre's 27th (woah, getting old) birthday, we celebrated by eating dinner/dessert at Chocolate by the Bald Man in Caesar's Palace. The place was SUPER good and relatively affordable. We were quite pleased. We ate things like the best chocolate milk you've ever had in your life, the best B.A.L.T. you've ever had in your life, chocolate shakes, Mexican hot chocolate, and chocolate pizza.

Here is our Chocolate pizza with marshmallows, peanut butter, and bananas.

Happy 27th Birthday Andre.

H&J and dinner

The A's at dinner

Jaala drinking Mexican hot chocolate in the HUGMUG

Andrea drinking Mexican hot chocolate in the HUGMUG

Andre drinking Mexican hot chocolate in the HUGMUG

We had lots of fun playing host/hostess to the A's. We invite all of you to give us a call and come see us. With the newly decorated guest room, you'll think you are staying in a 4-star hotel. You'll even have your own bathroom! HA

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