Monday, October 10, 2011

Craft Weekend!

So I crafted this weekend.  It was super fun.  Our friend, Vicki, had a birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI) and Harrison and I wanted to do something fun for her.  She recently bought the same laptop that I also recently purchased and so we decided that a rad laptop case would be a fun project.  You see... in my opinion... the covers they have in the stores for the MacBook Air are lame and really blah.  SO- this is what I made for dear and sweet Vicki!

It was super fun to make!  I kind of made up the pattern myself and it ended up turning out amazing!  I am really pleased with it.  I was kind of sad that I had to give it away- but I have some new fabric to make one for myself.  YAY

Harrison snapped a photo of me whirring away on my machine.

Harrison also decided to craft a bit this weekend. He got an itch to try out quilting.  I taught him all that I know... the seams have to be 1/4 inch.  That is all I know!  HA.  So- he made a pot holder of sorts... all by himself!  It was fun.

We had a good time. I think the best part of creating is when you think of an idea and when it is all done... it looks EXACTLY like it did in your head to begin with.  Yeah- that is my favorite part!  So- now I want to make laptop covers until they come out of my ears.  I should teach myself to make something else!

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Marie said...

I love that you got Harrison quilting! Awesome. :)