Monday, October 3, 2011

Project Snail Mail Winner!!!!!!

First off- thanks to all of those who entered into my first blog contest... and thank you for joining Project Snail Mail!  It is such a fun thing!

Well congrats to:


Emily said: GIMME NAO!!! Why? Umm...well... 

I got those Star Wars stamps too, just like I get every cool collection that comes out. 

I've gotten all the state rolls and use the state stamp that corresponds with the address I'm sending it to. 

I bought the quilt and (Pacific Coast) lighthouse sets specifically for sending letters to my mom 'cause she's into that stuff. 

My favorite stamps are the Legends of Hollywood series and am more stingy about who I send those to. 

My other stationary staple is STICKERS! I have a billion stickers, they're awesome, and everything must have stickers. 

This month I am sending out birthday cards, thank you notes, and correspondence with my relatives and pen pals abroad.

In summary: I have a sick addiction to all things stationary, so I need more more MORE!

P.S. You should totally give away the Send a Hello (Forever) stamps. It goes great with your theme.

So this was a super fun thing.  I really think that I will do giveaways more often!  I hope you all enter them too!!!

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Emily Shupe said...

BOOYAH!! Thank you Jaala! I'm so super excited!