Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ha Ha... You say- FUNNY THING!

So- it's no secret that I am hilarious!  Kidding.  Totally kidding.  I like to think I am funny but sometimes I think that other people think I am just corny.  But anyway... last night I had a discouraging moment.  I felt broken down and just a little sad.  Well- then I looked through my board on Pinterest (seriously if you don't have an account yet... you are missing out) that is all about funny stuff.  I pin stuff on there that is funny, humorous, funny because it's true, and sometimes a little off color.  Well- I cheered back up after seeing some of these things.  I thought I would share my amusement with you!  ENJOY!  I hope you literally LOL!

So- when life seems like it is hopeless and you feel like you are the worst person or most unloved person in the world.... look at these and remember that life is funny, sarcastic, and pretty easy if you let it be!

Have a wonderful weekend PEEPS!


Steph said...

Haha that madmen one was cracking me up! That one and the, well, dawn one. Too hilarious.

Holli Raymond said...

Awesome! I literally LOL at a few of them. Thanks for sharing.

andré said...

hehe so funny! :D