Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Twilight Zone

So last night I could not for the life of me sleep.  At all.  I kept looking over at the clock and it was 1am then 2am then 3am.  ARG.  I think I fell asleep fully somewhere between 3.30 and 4am.  Well- while I was half awake and half asleep, I was thinking about things.  And at the time- my ideas seemed genius!  They all made sense.  I had my next blog post all set up in my mind and I came up with a  catchy title too!  It had something to do with an Ice Bath or Ice Ice Baby or something like that... well whatever it was... it was stupid now that I think about it in my full consciousness and not in THE TWILIGHT ZONE.  

I do remember what I was going to blog about though.  Being hot... hence the ice bath thought.  I was put on some hormone therapy a couple of weeks ago to help with some issues I have been having with my girly plumbing (like you wanted to know that).  Well- one of the lovely side effects of this therapy is hot flashes.  And I mean HOT flashes.  I thought I knew the extent of hot flashes... but I didn't until now.  I will be sitting somewhere just minding my own business and all of the sudden... BAM... I start to sweat like crazy and there isn't enough air conditioning in the world that can cool me off!  Even my scalp starts sweating (which is the sweat I hate the most... head sweat).  It lasts about 5-10 minutes or so and then all of the sudden I am freezing!  It is like I was sent into a deep freeze or something.  These lovely little events happen about every few hours or so during the day and night.  So annoying.
So annoying.
Well I was obviously sweating last night when I was thinking about this blog post.
Anyway- Harrison and I really have been watching the original series of The Twilight Zone from the 50's.  It is fun.  Did you know that they didn't have the "do do do do" music until the second season??  Well- they didn't.  We have watched almost half of the first season I think and Harrison and I have to just add the "do do do do" in ourselves.  

Also- I pilfered through the house today to find some spare change to go get a cherry coke. I have been craving them like MAD on this dang hormone shot thing.  So- I found some quarters and a ton of dimes and booked it to Del Taco to get a Cherry Coke.  I love that they have it in the fountain.  Well- I went through the drive-thru (mainly because I have been cleaning the house in my PJ's all morning and I didn't want to get dressed and I have baking soda paste dried to my legs right now and I didn't want to walk into the restaurant). Well- I pulled away and headed back home and I took a swig.  


Which I hate.  Really bad.  And I have a huge cup of it.  And it was too much of a hassle to turn around and tell them what a sad mistake they had made.  So- I am suffering through a diet coke.  It serves me right though.  I have been drinking too much of the stuff lately.  It is my "manna from heaven" (which I should get around to telling you about that story someday).  So- I am sure that Harrison will agree (because he is always getting on my case about drinking too much CC... which he should) that I was punished with Diet Coke today because it is a sign to stop drinking soda!!!!!!

I have been crafting more since my post about craft weekend.  I made myself a laptop case... which I love!  Like a lot.  Like to the point that I want to make one for everyday of the week.

I also busted out my mad banner skills for our friend Stephanie who just had a birthday.  She is in love with Halloween and her birthday is in October!  FABULOUS!  I made this SPOOKY banner for her.  Harrison gave it to her in class today and he sent me these pics of lovely Stephanie with the banner... since I didn't snap any when I was actually making it.

Tell me what you think about this.  So- I made this banner for Steph... and it turned out SUPER CUTE... cuter than the ones I make for myself.  I made our friend Vicki her laptop cover a couple of weeks ago and it went off without a hitch.  It turned out perfect and I loved it.  My laptop case took FOREVER and I made mistake after mistake and there were hiccups and hang-ups left and right when I made mine.  I thought about this.  I think the reason that the things I made for other people turned out so well was because I was acting in the spirit of charity and service.  I believe that the good Lord blessed me with patience and with smooth sailing in my crafting efforts.  Now- you can choose whether you believe this as well... or not... but I like to think it.  I am glad that the things I made for my friends turned out so great!  It makes me feel very proud of myself and very accomplished. 

Oh- and I found another "green" cleaning solution that is a miracle!  BAKING SODA AND WATER!  Seriously.  I have heard from a few bloggers and some awesome pins on Pinterest that a baking soda and water paste make the miracle soap scum remover.  They didn't lie.  I have tried so many products and solutions on my shower it's not even funny.  The soap scum just would not come off of the shower door and off the bottom of the shower.  Well- I made my paste (and I added a few drops of my peppermint scented Castile Soap for scent) and scrubbed my shower.  HOLY CRAP!  That stuff works!  Like fast too!  It took me about 30 minutes to scrub the entire shower and it is almost PERFECT!  The shower door is cleaner than it has ever been since we moved in almost 2 years ago!  Actually- I am kind of embarrassed to tell you that my bathroom was that dirty for so long.  Why is it that our own personal master bathrooms and bedrooms get the least amount of attention overall in our homes??  I think it is because it is the room that is hidden the most.  You don't really bring your friends into your bedroom for a dinner party (but maybe you do.. I dunno)... so these are the rooms that get neglected the most.

Now- there is still some work to be done in this shower.  I mean- it is going to take another treatment of "paste" I think... and a major dousing of hydrogen peroxide (which is a great mildew killer by the way) to get it all pearly white like it used to be when it was originally built 20 years ago.  Oh- and don't pay attention to the girl in the photo's reflection.  She didn't do her hair or get changed out of her pi's before taking this photo... and running to Del Taco.  But seriously- I don't remember when the door was so shiny and clear!  It's a miracle I tell ya... a Christmas miracle!

OK- I am done rambling on for today.  Oh wait- one last thing!  My brother, Brok... the football star in our family, made it to the Super Bowl in his league.  He plays tomorrow night.  I am excited for him.  Here he is with his fan club after his team won their last play off game last weekend.

FUN!  I am excited for him to play in his Super Bowl against... the Cowboys I think.  Good luck to them!  

OK- bye for now!

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Steph said...

Okay, a couple of things. First off, I absolutely LOVE my banner. Seriously, it is one of the cutest Halloween things that I have ever seen--and it's mine! I love it. Also, I'm sorry that I didn't hold it up right, cause it says "pooky" in your picture instead of "spooky". sorry, I'll take a picture of it for you!

Also, I always think I have brilliant ideas at night, and then when I can remember them in the morning, they are totally stupid. It sucks. I always think I have brilliant ideas for books and stuff, then realize I didn't make any sense at all.