Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Very Thankful November Day 10

Cafe Rio

I do love this Mexican fast-ish food restaurant. So good. 2 weeks in a row now Harrison and I have met friends at Cafe Rio for some awesome food and even better conversation.

We have a Cafe Rio a few blocks away from our house... we like to call it Little Provo. I swear everybody who is in there is from BYU... or Mormon at least :) But so are we. Provo is where we learned to love Cafe Rio (while Harrison was at BYU nonetheless).

Jaala's favorite order: Steak Salad, black beans, extra meat (mainly to hear them shout EXTRA MEAT!!!! when I order), no cheese or chips, and extra cilantro (I swear I would wear a perfume of cilantro)

Harrison's favorite order: Steak Burrito, black beans, enchilada style (which we found out today is called Cafe Rio Style now).

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