Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Very Thankful November Day 7

Apple Cider

I love apple cider... in pretty much all its forms. I don't think I have ever had an apple cider that I didn't absolutely love.

The best apple cider I have ever had was in Ouray, Colorado on our honeymoon. We went to Mouse's Chocolates EVERY SINGLE DAY we were there. She was the only person in the shop and she made all of her own chocolates and caramels. Well- we came to find out that she made a caramel apple cider! OH MY GOODNESS! It was the first time I had ever had CARAMEL apple cider. It was love at first sip. Her homemade caramel was TO DIE FOR!

Since I can't get Mouse's cider everyday (I wish... and yes, her name was actually Mouse) I have learned to live with others... Here are some of my fav's in no particular order:

Alpine Cider is a staple in my home! It is always around! I love it! I drink this every night in the fall/winter time. I drink it probably once a week in the summer time. It is super yum!

Starbucks has a really good Caramel Apple Spice. I don't usually like whipped cream... but I really love it on this. I don't drink coffee and I think that their hot chocolate isn't all that great. The cider though... YUM! Especially with the caramel drizzled on it!

Talbott's Farms is in Palisade, Colorado... just about 10 miles from where Harrison grew up (and where we met... a little over 6 years ago). They are famous for their peaches (featured in the picture below) but they also squeeze some rockin' apple cider. It comes in big gallon jugs (like milk). We were pleased to find that they sell it at our local Wal-Mart here in Las Vegas. So cool. We have had 2 different varieties now and they are both delightful. I like to drink this one warm or cold. I will also cool my Alpine Cider off with a splash of Talbotts. YUM!

Let me know if you know about any other ciders out there. I do love them! So- sometime this week... sip some cider! It will warm your tummy as well as your heart and soul!

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