Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Very Thankful November Day 6

Weekends- I am thankful for weekends.

Weekends don't always mean rest and relaxation for Harrison and I... since work sometimes comes on the weekend... but for the most part... I welcome the weekends with open arms!

This weekend we were able to spend some time with a handful Harrison's grad school friends (which over the last few weeks have become my friends too). We went to the Art's district in downtown Vegas (which I have never done), ate at a VERY legit Asian restaurant in China Town (which I have never done), and we sang at the top of our lungs at a piano bar (which I have done before... but it was still fun).

I love weekends for their breaks from the week. Weekends are sometimes the ONLY times I get to catch up on sleep, laundry, dishes, phone calls, and washing my hair! They really are a welcomed blessing.

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