Monday, November 8, 2010

A Very Thankful November Day 8

Today I am thankful for people who use their blinkers/turn signals on the road.

Well- it is NO secret that I hate the time change in the fall. I don't like the cold weather that is ushered in by the time change... nor do I like the more darkness than light during the fall/winter.

Well- tonight was my first night driving home from work after the time change this weekend. I don't like driving at night all that much, since the lights of stop lights, vehicles, and buildings are always glaring. BOO

Well- I wasn't happy about driving in the dark but I WAS very happy and thankful to all the courteous drivers on the Las Vegas freeways who used their turn signals and blinkers to change lanes (I drive all 3 freeways to get to and from work). It made my commute much more enjoyable and a little less stressed.

It is pretty hard to find courteous drivers here in the Las Vegas Valley. I am glad that for the most part people were following the rules of the road.

Good night yall! Don't forget to use your blinkers :)

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