Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And now we shall rest from our labors for a season

This weekend was Labor Day weekend.  We were able to take a trip to Junk Town (Grand Junction, CO) for the weekend to spend time with our family.  It really was a great weekend.  We are so thankful to Harrison's mother and grandmother for setting up our arrangements to come and visit.  We love the fact that Alliegant Air has a direct flight to and from Grand Junction.  GJ is such a small place and it was an answer to prayers I think when they set up the flights between our home in Vegas and our family in GJ. 

I took along some airplane reading material. I love Martha Stewart but I love her Halloween special issue even more. I am frustrated that this is NOT part of my annual subscription... but whatever!

We spent a couple of days on "The Mountain" with Harrison's parents and grandmother.  It is fun to spend time together up there.  It is quite beautiful and it is a great break from the Vegas heat and hustle and bustle of the city.  Just trees, cool breezes, conversation around the fire, hikes, naps, and reading with a blanket. 

I was so excited to wear long sleeves and shiver when I went to sleep.  I am SO ready for fall to come.  I am officially tired of the hot summer (but mark my words... come January... I will want them back).

We had a lot of good visiting time.  There were lots of memories and feelings shared about the mountain and the gospel.  I am thankful for those.  We ate good camp food... pancakes and eggs for breakfast, taco salad, and hot dogs (with Catalina dressing instead of ketchup... most people liked that variation.  I was too chicken to try it... I am lame). 

We brought dogs with us.  They were fun.  They love it up there.  Tucker and Abby and Little Bits loved taking swims through the yucky lake.  I call it yucky because it is.  It is quite mossy and I would never swim in it myself... especially when we had to check for leeches on the dogs after they got out... eeww.

You can see that the dogs are quite dirty from their swim in this picture.  What you can't smell is the horrid smell that they smell like.  They smell like rotting something.  EEWW!

All three dogs were given baths.  Tucker is all clean now in this picture.  They had to wait inside while they dried off since it was getting quite chilly outside at this point.  I was happy to love on the dogs when they were clean.  The cleanliness was short lived.  They got back into the lake the next morning.  They were of course stinky and brown again.

We spent Saturday evening with my family.  I am sad I didn't take more pictures... but it was fun anyway.  We ate a wonderful BBQ dinner and watched my dad and brother shoot off some big fireworks that my dad got while he was on a business trip in Wyoming.  It was fun.  I love being with my family (especially my sisters)

We get really silly together and have a grand ol' time.  I am thankful for them... even if we end up punching each other by the end of the night (in a sister-ly way though- I promise).

I love visiting GJ because it is a nice break... but like all vacations- it was too short and I was sad to have to come home.  I heard from somebody once that it is the BEST time to come home when you don't want to.  I believe that.  When you wear out your welcome and you are tired of being on vacation... it seems that the burned-out feeling is what sticks... whereas when you leave for home while you are still quite enjoying yourself... there are always better experiences and feelings.

It was nice to sleep in my own bed on Sunday night.  There is nothing as awesome as the feeling of your own bed at night.  It is one of the BEST things about coming home.

Yesterday (actual Labor Day) we did a bit of shopping.  I have been told by quite a few people (who shall remain nameless) that my style is beginning to be frumpy and quite grandma-like.  So- we went and did a little updating.  I was SO happy to find that everywhere was having a great sale!  We didn't buy anything full price!  YAY!  We shopped at places like:

Now I have never shopped and A&F.  But- their denim was 50% off and we couldn't pass up $40 jeans!

I have never purchased anything from H&M either.  I have been inside before, but there is always something just a little "off" with their clothes for me.  Well, Harrison talked me into getting a fall blazer with padded elbows (quite the 80's throw-back).  I was scared but Harrison made me brave.

We didn't find a dang thing at Old Navy.  It doesn't surprise me though.  They did have a pair of cropped pants that I am still thinking about though.  I might go back and get them.
 There aren't many things I can afford in Saks... but I can afford Clinique mascara.  So that is what I got there.  Probably the lowest amount spent EVER at Saks... $14.50.

After our shopping, we went to lunch at Blondies.  They have really good Cobb Salad.  But our service wasn't the best this time.  BOO


I am thankful that Harrison and I were able to spend the weekend together.  We both have busy schedules (especially his grad school schedule) and there aren't many weekends when we have the ENTIRE weekend together.  This was a real treat.  It was also awesome that we were able to spend a lot of our time with family.  I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.  What did you do?  Tell me about it in a comment!  

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