Saturday, September 24, 2011

Faux Fall

So yesterday was the first day of Autumn.  Autumn is one of my most favorite times of year.  Pumpkins, sweaters, apple cider, boots, blah blah blah... you know all the regular fall season stuff.  Here are some of the beautiful things I love about the Autumn season:

But then I remembered that I live in Las Vegas.  There is no season change.  There are no changing of the leaves.  The temperature was 102 degrees (hardly boot and sweater weather).  THIS is what it actually looks like on the first day of autumn here in Vegas:

Not very pumpkin-y and festive.  Well- Happy Fall to y'all anyway!  I hope wherever you are you have a bit of color change and you have been able to break out the textured tights and and argyle sweaters.  

I am waiting on pins and needles when it finally gets below 80 degrees during the day!  I have a feeling we still have quite a few weeks before that happens.

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