Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Las Vegas StrEATS Festival

Harrison and I went and explored the StrEATS festival last Friday night.  The festival is in it's infancy and I felt like it would be a good thing to go and support.  The festival had a bunch of the food trucks together from around the valley in one place.  There was tons of food, some clothing vendors, and some art displays.  It was quite small but it was fun.  I hope it just gets bigger and bigger from here on out.

The small parking lot where it was held was PACKED!  There was a DJ playing some hip hop music.  We had to talk loud to each other because of all the trucks and generators that were on.  It was pretty loud.

I told Harrison to make a normal face for this picture.  He said, "This is a normal face."

We walked around to all of the trucks to see the cuisine options.  We decided that we were going to eat at a BBQ truck and indulge in pulled pork sandwiches.  I put WAY too much barbecue sauce on my sandwich and it was EVERYWHERE... including my hair... dang it!

It was super fun.  I hope that it gets bigger and better from here.  I think I want to go every month. 

For those of you who live in the Vegas area, check out their website and "like" them on Facebook.  It really was a great time.  I feel that it is important that we Vegas folks support the downtown area as much as possible.

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kay said...

why, we had bbq right here at Lincoln Park (Pork & Hops) this last weekend. And you guys think GJ is backwards!

I love Harrison's "normal" face.