Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Good and The Bad (there was no ugly)

But I will start with the bad.  It's always good to end with the good, right??  My boss has a lame joke that he tells all of our patients when he tells them about braces.  I love the joke every time... but I hear it like 5 times a day... almost every day.  After he takes a look at the patient and he has his recommendations he says, "OK, do you want the good news or the bad news first?"  He always starts with the bad news.  "The bad news is that you need braces for (x amount of time).  Do you want to know the good news?  You get to have braces for (x amount of time)!"- and then he gives them a high five.  It is hysterical to the patients most days.  I like my boss for those kinds of things.

So- the bad news.  Sometimes people can just be down right mean.  No matter what you do (or don't do) they are just mean and sneaky and just not nice.  There are some people in my life in which this is the case.  I don't have any bad feelings or anything towards these people but for some reason they just don't like me.  I just rub them the wrong way.  I am sad about that.  I am nice to them (at least I THINK I am nice to them) and I always try to be quite cordial and friendly to them.  It doesn't matter.  They just say mean things about me and are just kind of not nice.  I pray for patience and for understanding.  I pray that there will be a way for me to either just not care about what they do to me or find a way to finally connect with these people.  It seems that when I pray for these things... the worse these people get.  WHAT!?  I know that my prayers are heard, but I wonder sometimes if this is just going to be a huge test for me.  To see if I can forgive those that trespass against me.  I am not going to lie though- it's a really hard test.  Any suggestions??

OK- I am done whining.  I seem to do that a lot lately.  Boo.  I will change that.

So the good news.  Today I went to mutual for the first time to meet with the girls that I will be teaching at church.  Mutual is a weekly event when all the teenagers and their church leaders get together and do some sort of activity.  Well we met tonight and did some "getting to know you" type games since all of the leaders are BRAND NEW and there are a few of us (like myself) that don't know any of the teenagers!  Well- it was so much fun!  There were only about 7 girls there (there are usually more) but it was a fun time anyway.
We all put one of our shoes in a basket and then we all took turns pulling out a shoe that was in the basket that "represented" us and we told the group why.  I was kind of lame and picked out my own shoe.  It was one of my Havaianas flip flops that I got when Harrison and I were in Brazil.  Well I told the group why it represented me... so now I will share with you!

It is a flip flop which is what you wear to the beach.  I love the beach.  It is my "sanctuary" kind of.  It makes me very happy.  It has decoration and embellishment on it which represents the fact that I like the idea of being fancy and looking fancy all the time but I most of the time sacrifice fanciness for comfort.  They are from Brazil which I love.  I miss Brazil and I miss the people from Brazil.  My shoe also represented the fact that I am not afraid to get dirty (both in a physical and metaphorical sense) because let's be honest... who can wear a pair of flip flops and the tips of their toes and the bottoms of their feet aren't black by the end of the day?
I am not going to lie.  I was really scared to meet with the girls.  I was afraid that I am now officially "old" to teenagers.  But- I think that they thought I was still cool enough.  I hope :)  I wore flip flops... and I have braces... which makes me seem kind of "young" still, right??

Well that is the bad and the good.  The good far outweighed the bad in my mind.  The bad stuff is all just "worldly" things.  Things that will probably work themselves out in time.  It's just that they are at the forefront of my mind right now.  The good stuff was really good.  I feel like I was uplifted on the outside and on the inside.  

Another good thing about today: I ate like half a loaf of 9 grain bread from Great Harvest Bread Co with spinach dip.  It was so delicious.  It was basically my dinner.  I think it was one of the best dinners I have ever had.

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hwscutie said...

The way that I have learned to deal with the people who don't "like" me or are mean to me is to ignore them and lean on the friends that care. There's a person who said I "scare" them and I have no clue why I do or what I did to do that to her. I just ignore her now and luckily don't see that person often. I also learned that sometimes when I think people don't "like" me it's really my own interpretation of their actions and it's not that at all that they don't "like" me it's just they don't know how to be around me because I "scare" them with my personality. I think the people who consider you things that you know you are not and that your friends know you are not are people who don't know you and don't know how to be around you so they default to being mean since to so many people it's difficult to be nice, even to their friends. So in short don't focus on their behaviors towards you and their comments about you, focus on your reaction towards them (which it sounds like you are) and move on and know not everyone will "like" you despite your fun and spunky personality. Being with the Young Women I think is the answer to your prayer for understanding since you will learn along with the girls how to handle these situations since they are so big of a deal and issue among teens. You are great and fun and are whatever you want to be in life! I know you have great friends and family supporting you.