Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Pitty City

*** Pitty City is a phrase my friends Amy and Mandy taught me in junior high.  I use it to this  day to describe the following:

So yesterday I forgot mascara and today I forgot deodorant.  Crap!  I think my brain is going crazy because Harrison is leaving to Texas for a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) conference for a few days and I will miss him.  

This is how I feel about myself right now:

Well the moral of this post is:  I stank today (I was Pitty City).  I get pit stink very easily and so not wearing deodorant made it worse and no amount of Fabreze covered it up the entire day.  I felt bad for the patients I had to be around today.  And- the co worker who hugged me after lunch.  I apologize to those people for my stench.  I promise to be better :).  My friend Stephanie told me today that she carries around deodorant with her for that very reason.  I think she is a smart and I think I am going to take her advise.  Another moral of this post- I hate when I am apart from my husband for more than a day.  It sucks more than stinky arm pits.

Quote of the day:

Whether you think you can or you think you can't... you're right!

Ponder on that :)

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andré said...

maybe you should move somewhere that has a better climate, or at least a colder one :)