Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!  As I sit here watching the 6am news and eat my Frosted Mini Wheats I thought I would blog a bit as well.  Here are a few things I am thankful for this week:

Shorts Weather
Yep- I have been able to wear shorts and flip flops the last few days.  That is really exciting!

Teenagers in my life
They keep me feeling young.  Well heck- they even think I am young!  Last night we had "80's Workout Night" at mutual.  One of the girls brought a friend that is not LDS to hang out with us.  We were chatting away and the friend asked me "Oh, do you go to Silverado High School too?"  I about died!  I hugged her and told her that I definitely loved her!  The other girls broke the news to her that I was a leader and not one of the "young women".  She felt embarrassed but I assured her that I was very much flattered by her compliment.  We had a fun (and sweaty) night.

I love when family visits.  Especially when we can get out and "play" around Las Vegas.  We had tons of fun with Jason and Julie!  We also had a fun lunch with Harrison and Jason's Dad, Frank, and his girlfriend Cindy (but we were terribly lame and didn't get a picture with them).  I, for one, was very excited to introduce Jason and Julie to the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.  It is seriously my favorite property.  We had a fair and honest appearance appraisal taken of us, too!  Mine was almost dead on... calling out my BBC obsession and we are now calling Harrison by his rightful name "Angel Face in the Turquoise Tee".

We had a ward service project last weekend and it was great fun.  My job was to help make lunch for the actual workers.  What a yummy lunch it was...

My Job
I really am thankful for the work I have... which reminds me... it is 6:45 and I need to get my hair done and clothes on and out the door in 25 minutes!  SEE YA!

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